Kickboxing classes are a great way to learn self-defense and engage your whole body in a workout. It depends on how much intensity of exercise you can endure in kickboxing, but its results are always amazing. Females in Pakistan especially learn kickboxing to safeguard themselves in case of an assault. Not just that, this exercise has many other great benefits that are proven to improve your fitness and strength. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of kickboxing and where in Lahore you can start your kickboxing journey. 

What Are Kickboxing Classes?

Kickboxing is a hybrid martial art and sport combining traditional karate elements with boxing techniques. It usually combines punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes in a particular routine. Kickboxing is usually practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a competitive sport. 

Kickboxing in Pakistan

Kickboxing in Pakistan is very common among athletes and fitness lovers. People with exceptional talent and determination have won many awards for Pakistan with limited resources.  In December 2017, the Pakistani Kickboxing team won at the World Martial Arts Summit in Thailand. Led by Captain Inamul Haq, the team won 5 gold medals, showing the innate potential of the country’s athletes. Inamul Haq’s victory in the 80 kg category, especially against international competitors, underscored the prowess honed over 16 years of dedicated training. 

While cricket dominates the sports landscape in Pakistan, kickboxing’s recognition among locals suggests a growing interest and potential for the sport. The achievements of the Pakistani kickboxing team serve as an inspiring testament to the tenacity of sports enthusiasts in the country. With the right training, our people can outclass many other countries in kickboxing championships. Moreover, the country’s females can feel safer and more empowered by learning self-defense through kickboxing.

15 Best Benefits of Joining Guided Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing is more than just a sport. It’s a healthy exercise with numerous benefits, and it can be fun too when combined with CrossFit training. Learn these 15 benefits of kickboxing that will give you enough motivation to start kickboxing at Vibe Gym:

  1. Improved Cardiovascular Fitness
  2. Calorie Burning
  3. Comprehensive Muscle Toning
  4. Enhanced Coordination Skills
  5. Boosted Confidence Levels
  6. Basic Self-Defense Skills
  7. Stress Relief
  8. Enjoyable Dynamic Workouts
  9. Inclusive Social Environment
  10. Customizable Intensity
  11. Optimized Sleep Quality
  12. Improved Mental Health
  13. Tailored for All Ages
  14. Increased Reactive Balance
  15. Efficient One-Hour Workouts

1- Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Kickboxing classes are an excellent addition to your cardiovascular fitness regimen. It can improve your heart health by pumping oxygen-rich blood to muscles and lowering resting heart rates.

2- Calorie Burning

Kickboxing is a great calorie-burning workout that can potentially burn up to 750 calories in an hour. With regular kickboxing, you can also lose or maintain your weight.

3- Comprehensive Muscle Toning

Engaging multiple muscle groups through various kickboxing routines results in a well-toned upper and lower body, targeting areas such as calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and the core.

4- Enhanced Coordination Skills

Kickboxing’s diverse movements in different planes improve balance, flexibility, and coordination, requiring heightened awareness of body positioning and motion.

5- Boosted Confidence Levels

Combined with martial arts discipline, regular exercise triggers the release of endorphins, fostering a sense of euphoria and confidence. Visible physical changes contribute to a positive self-image.

6- Basic Self-Defense Skills

While not specifically designed for self-defense, kickboxing classes introduce fundamental moves like kicking and jabbing, empowering individuals to handle potentially dangerous situations more confidently.

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7- Stress Relief

Kickboxing offers a healthy outlet for releasing frustrations and stress. Physical activity, whether striking a bag or performing dynamic moves, contributes to lower depression and anxiety levels.

8- Enjoyable Dynamic Workouts

The dynamic nature of kickboxing, involving a variety of martial arts moves, makes the exercise enjoyable and engaging. Participants jump, punch, and kick to a happier, healthier self.

9- Inclusive Social Environment

Group kickboxing classes foster a supportive community, welcoming individuals of all levels. The sense of belonging and camaraderie adds to the overall positive experience.

10- Customizable Intensity

Kickboxing classes are universally scalable, allowing participants to tailor the intensity to their fitness level. Whether a beginner or seasoned athlete, the workouts can be adjusted to meet individual goals.

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11- Optimized Sleep Quality

Regular kickboxing contributes to improved sleep duration and quality. The positive impact on sleep can enhance mood, cognitive function, and overall well-being.

12- Improved Mental Health

Combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise in kickboxing positively affects mood by increasing endorphin levels and inducing positive changes in the brain, potentially alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression.

13- Tailored for All Ages

Kickboxing’s versatility suits individuals of all ages, providing benefits across generations. The exercises can be adapted to accommodate various fitness levels and age groups.

14- Increased Reactive Balance

Kickboxing’s multidimensional movements enhance reactive and anticipatory balance, reducing the risk of falls and improving overall stability.

15- Efficient One-Hour Workouts

Kickboxing classes offer a time-efficient option for achieving fitness goals, with just three one-hour sessions per week providing maximum benefits, making it easier to incorporate into busy schedules.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that incorporates elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and functional movements. Workouts, often called “WODs” (Workouts of the Day), are designed to be varied and intense, aiming to improve overall physical fitness. CrossFit focuses on ten general physical skills: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. It has gained popularity for its community-oriented approach, emphasizing camaraderie and competition.

Adding Kickboxing to CrossFit

Integrating kickboxing into CrossFit workouts injects a powerful dose of variety and intensity into your routine. Kickboxing enhances cardiovascular fitness and promotes agility and coordination with its dynamic punches, kicks, and footwork. Incorporating kickboxing elements into the warm-up or as part of the Workout of the Day (WOD) provides a fresh challenge, engaging different muscle groups and elevating the overall intensity of the session. 

This fusion of disciplines allows CrossFit enthusiasts to diversify their training, improving striking skills and functional fitness. The combination of CrossFit’s community-driven environment with the empowering nature of kickboxing creates a holistic and exhilarating fitness experience. Whether it’s shadowboxing intervals, partner drills, or specialized kickboxing classes, these two disciplines offer a comprehensive approach to physical conditioning within the CrossFit framework.

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Why Are Guided Kickboxing Group Classes Good For You?

Guided kickboxing group classes offer a multifaceted approach to fitness, making them highly beneficial for individuals seeking a dynamic and engaging workout experience. These classes provide a structured environment where participants can benefit from the expertise of a knowledgeable instructor. The group setting fosters a sense of community, motivating individuals to push their limits and stay committed to their fitness goals. The guidance from an instructor ensures proper form and technique, reducing the risk of injuries and maximizing the effectiveness of each movement. 

Kickboxing group classes incorporate elements of cardiovascular exercise, muscle toning, coordination drills, and stress relief, offering a comprehensive fitness solution. The group’s collective energy creates a positive and supportive atmosphere, enhancing physical well-being and mental resilience. Overall, guided kickboxing group classes provide a fun, challenging, and inclusive fitness experience suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.

Where Can I Join Kickboxing Near Me?

You can find a gym near you that offers kickboxing classes or search for specialized training spaces for this activity. Vibe Gym is here to offer you both kickboxing and CrossFit classes with our simple training regimen designed according to your fitness needs. Our branches have a team of expert trainers available to guide you in joint kickboxing classes and make you a pro in this sport.

Vibe Gyms can also improve your post-workout recovery with state-of-the-art steam rooms as a standard amenity in your gym subscription plan. These imported steam rooms are sourced from the renowned Finnish company Harvia and are meant to give gym-goers a luxury and relaxing experience. After a CrossFit workout, steam rooms can help with muscular relaxation, circulation, and overall recovery. 

Start the Crossfit Classes Now!

Join CrossFit classes at Vibe gym and get a chance to learn amazing kickboxing techniques along with many other healthy exercises. This exercise is great for keeping your muscles healthy and your body energetic. Learn kickboxing for self-defense or just for fitness improvement. At Vibe Gym, you’ll get the best training regimen in our CrossFit classes and an expert trainer to keep you motivated. So don’t miss a chance to grab this amazing opportunity and join Vibe Gym Dha or the Lake City branch. For more details contact us at (042) 37199901.


Is Kickboxing good for weight loss?

Yes, kickboxing is excellent for weight loss as it combines high-intensity cardio with muscle-toning moves, helping burn calories effectively.

Where to join kickboxing classes close to me?

To find kickboxing classes near you, check local fitness centers, martial arts studios, or specialized gyms, and explore online directories or community recommendations for convenient options.