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Pricing Plans


RegistrationRegularEarly Bird Discount (First 100 Members)
Registration FeePKR 25,000/-PKR 16,250/-
Monthly PlanRegularEarly Bird Discount (First 100 Members)
Monthly FeePKR 20,000/-PKR 13,000/-
Monthly Fee (Couple)PKR 38,000/-PKR 24,700/-
3 Months PlanRegularEarly Bird Discount (First 100 Members)
3 Months FeePKR 55,000/-PKR 35,750/-
6 Month Plan RegularEarly Bird Discount (First 100 Members)
6 Months FeePKR 105,000/-PKR 68,250/-
12 Months PlanRegularEarly Bird Discount (First 100 Members)
12 Months FeePKR 200,000/-PKR 130,000/-

Payment Terms:

  1. Monthly memberships are paid in advance on the calendar date the membership has started, for the following
  2. Monthly fee is due on the 1st of every month.
  3. Second payment we receive from the member will be prorated depending on the date of joining.
  4. Yearly membership has to be paid in 1 lump sum payment.
  5. A late fee of PKR 300/day will be charged after 5th of each month if the payment is not made in time.
  6. The management reserves the right to refuse a member entry in to the gym if monthly fee has not been paid.